The Recurring Debate Over Data Relevance

There are many variations of this debate, namely if data should dictate action. At Ekival, we believe that data can take numerous forms. Some forms areĀ  not ready for processing, or they may not be worth the time. Some information written on a napkin can be useful if this information is the basis of a lucrative contract, but not as useful if the information is a reproduction of the menu by a creative customer.

When can you rely on the data at hand?

In other words, when is data relevant to improve your bottom line? When it is worth exploring. Analyzing data is a form of investment which, like all investments, may produce returns subject to other parameters such as the timing, the completeness of the analysis or even the actions of competitors. Though there are indeed countless elements that can affect the return on this investment, there is a guaranteed outcome: data analysis offers insight into an aspect of the business which may validate known aspects of the business or may spur curiosity in new ventures.

Unique Design & Easy Customization

Ekival recognizes that every business is unique. Even two franchisees may face completely different outcomes while offering the same products and facing the same customer base. We offer flexibility in working with business owners, staff , business partners and customers whenever it can benefit our ability to improve the outcomes of business owners.

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