Manage money and cryptos
like a boss

Send/Receive Money

Carry out peer-to-peer money transfer in a matter of seconds.

Pay online/Get paid

Don’t mind the distance. Grow your business with online payments.

Make trades

Purchase, buy or sell products and services from anywhere.

Manage crypto

Take your crypto-currency experience to the next level.

Convert money in USD or in ADA
at a glance

Ekival has made it easy for you to exchange your crypto-currency into local currency so you can spend it at your will. Therefore ADA to USD conversion and the reverse one just don’t have limits

Estimated Ada to Usdt

0.50937664 / ADA

Our roadmap
We’re up making the path together

Ekival and Cardanoe

Cardano is the blockchain platform powering Ekival, the largest one to use proof-of-stake protocol, With Cardano, it’s safe and simple to make peer-to-peer transactions using its crypto-currency, ADA

Involving Congo and

We are creating a new experience of money transfer and future-led blockchain like Cardano in Africa, starting in the D.R. Congo. We set Ekival as the solution that enables congolese and african citizens to smoothly send and receive money and cryptos worldwide.

We start with a professional
team member

Frederique Samvura
Founder and Blockchain developer
Mohamad Ali Modiri
Dan Baruka
Back-end Integration
Didier Baganda/h5> Financial Models
Mobile Framework
Auditing based on bounty