Ekival allows small and medium businesses in the hospitality industry to carry out predictive analysis in order to maximise revenue and profit.

You may already have the data needed to accurately plan for better services such as past occupancy rates, current bookings and information on customer demographics.

Ekival can combine your data with external data such as information about when school holidays are, or when local events are happening to help you respond to demand flows.

Hospitality guests are extremely varied, ranging from business travellers to families, and from those operating on a budget, to those looking for something special for a honeymoon. By segmenting your customer base, Ekival will help you to identify the best opportunities for their business, and target key demographics much more specifically, especially through online advertising. This can also include both location and time-specific marketing, which can allow hotels to reach customers at the time advertising will be most relevant to them, or in the place where they are most likely to want to see it.

Are you leveraging online resources such as OpenTable (https://restaurant.opentable.com)? Ekival can assist you in leveraging data on your sector of service to increase the effectiveness of your marketing products.

Customer reviews offer a rich source of inspiration, but their unstructured data holdings such as Yelps, Google Reviews and Facebook mentions require sophisticated gathering skills. Ekival can regularly collect such information and report it in an intuitive dashboard that will allow you to respond to your customers.

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