Ekival supports small financial businesses by handling data-intensive processes. Fraud-detection requires very sophisticated methods that can potentially be costly when supported by one company. Ekival allows you to access proven detection techniques that can assist you in preventing fraud, defaults and sub-optimal lending.

For small business offering investment and wealth management services, Ekival is a reliable partner in the design of data-driven strategies. Financial services are increasingly online-based, and customers expect a financial services company to remember their preferences, engagement history and behaviors so personalized experiences can be delivered. To achieve a competitive advantage, companies must break down silos of customer data and effectively extract and leverage insights to meet customer needs.

For financial services companies, the ultimate goal of collecting data is to extract actionable insights and then use those insights to provide customers with a superior experience. Financial services companies can leverage data-driven insights to provide customers with more personalized recommendations for products and services.

Ekival offers consulting services that leverage sophisticated algorithm such as machine learning to predict the behavior of clients. Data-driven insights are the key to building a relationship as a trusted advisor to customers by delivering high-quality experience and insights.

By analyzing customer spending, Ekival allows you suggest alternatives to your customers relative to how much they are spending above or below market. This makes your customers and possibly suggest less expensive alternatives tailored to the customer. Your relationship with your customers vastly improves as a result: customers feel valued and benefit financially because of the your data-driven recommendations that takes their hidden needs into consideration.

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