Counting the Cost of Delay & Disruption

Time is money. This is true for any business. Not only are many employees paid by the hour, but customers also value their time. As a consulting company, we also value your time at Ekival and we strive to produce results as fast as possible. However, we come too often accross business owners who are hesitant in the direction to take for their business. Today and well in the future, the internet will play a significant role in driving customers to you. Either through online shopping or through search engines giving them your physical location.

Adding an E-commerce venue to your business

Ekival can assist you establish an onlince presence. Either through your own hosted E-commece website or through off-the-shelves solutions (shopify, etc.).

Establishing an online presence can be done progressively and at your convenience. The level of complexity on your site could range from one static page to a site hosting user interactions in the form of a social network. The more customers spend time on your site, the more they learn from and come to trust you. And ultimately, trust leads to business.

Protect your data and avoid disruptions

You may have experienced disruptions such as those suffered by airlines when their websites crash or mistakenly offer a great deal. Though the quality of these websites is relatively high, they suffer from their over-relience on technology. At Ekival, we will get you to strike the right balance between your online and physical assets so as to shorten or avoid delays while keeping your data protected.

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