Data is everywhere and you can leverage it to build a loyal customer base. Your customers expect different services from you. Let the data offer you the edge in accommodating demanding customers. Learn the trends, the styles and the hidden preferences of your customers by reviewing their choices. One choice may influence another and offering it to the customer will not only please them, but it will also give you the opportunity to upsell.

Ekival puts the E in Evidence. Your gut may have allowed you to offer services that customers are willing to buy, but the data will offer you the evidence required to go beyond their expectations.

Cosmetics consumption — and innovation ideas — are now born out of digital-first spaces. Your customers may not wait to try out products before they like them. Maintaining competitive product portfolios in a market with such rapid change depends on how easily you can capture and capitalize on shifting consumer trends in real time.

Social media and influencer campaigns can shift the preferences of your customers in ways you may not anticipate. Let the data inform you.

Do you promote your products online? Your customers may be posting their beauty routines online too. Ekival will help you exceed their expectations by staying ahead of the curve.

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